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The Sunday Scaries & How to Manage

Updated: May 11

Sunday Scaries / Sunday Blues

Sunday arrives and routinely without fail do you notice yourself with feelings of dread, worried thoughts, increased symptoms of anxiety/depression, and perhaps are you even feeling physically ill? If so, you likely have a case of the Sunday Scaries and you are not alone! In a survey of over 1,000 adults, 80% reported experiencing the Sunday Scaries. It is worth knowing, regardless of age, the Sunday Scaries do not discriminate!  94% of Gen Z-ers, 91% of Millennials, 72% of Gen X-ers, and 69% of Baby Boomers all confirmed they get them too!


Why Me? Normalizing the Sunday Scaries

What could be impacting your case of the Sunday Scaries? There are several reasons why people experience this pre-week anxiety. Check out the list below:


Limited Personal Time - the weekend is the only time in your week that you get to experience rest, relaxation, or social connection.


Busy Week Ahead - the week ahead is one of demands, obligations, responsibilities, and endless tasks to complete.


Uncompleted Tasks - things are piling up from one week to the next and you feel that you are falling further and further behind.


Toxic Workplace - your workplace does not provide psychological safety. If this is the case, perhaps the Sunday Scaries are trying to encourage change.


Work/Home Balance - work life and home life both ask a lot of you and you want to meaningfully contribute in both spaces, but balancing the responsibilities of both is difficult.


Sunday Scaries turned Sunday Successes

There are a lot of things you can do to create a more enjoyable experience for yourself each Sunday and throughout the week. Take a look at the list of 10 ideas below and pick 2-3 to adopt as part of your Sunday Success Story! When you’ve successfully adopted a few of these practices, add more!


1.        Improve sleep hygiene

·      Practice holding a regular sleep schedule (going to bed and waking up at around same time each day)

·      Don’t spend time in bed if you are not sleeping

·      Follow a relaxing bedtime routine in the 30-60 minutes prior to sleep

·      Reduce fluids prior to bedtime

·      Do not use cells phones, tablets, computers, etc. in bed


2.        Turn off work notifications 

·      Set your smart devices to prevent work related intrusions on your days off

·      Do not check work related messages/emails.  If you do check them do not respond - practice work/home boundaries

3.        24 hour digital detox

·      In the last 24 hours of your weekend avoid social media

4.        Find your preferred relaxation method

·      Progressive muscle relaxation

·      Guided imagery

·      Meditation

·      Soothing bath or shower

5.        Be active on Sunday

·      Engage in physical activity during the day

·      Engage socially with friends/family

·      Go to a movie

·      Practice a hobby

6.        Organize your time

·      Use a weekly planner

·      Keep an updated to-do list

·      Track progress of accomplished tasks

7.        Make Monday Fun

·      Lunch with a friend

·      Date night

·      Prepare your favorite meal or get take out

·      Save your favorite shows to watch

8.        Practice visualization

·      Sit comfortably with your eyes closed and visualize yourself enjoying your week ahead. As you visualize your week ahead maybe try the following:

-See yourself accomplishing important tasks during the week

-See yourself smiling at work and feeling confident

-See yourself waking each day feeling refreshed

9.        Cut back on caffeine

·      Especially leading up to bedtime, cut out the caffeine intake

·      Opt for non-caffeinated beverages in the evenings (maybe even all-day Sunday)

10.  No chores on Sunday

·      Engage with chores throughout the week as to avoid a Sunday pile up

·      Keep Sunday full of things you enjoy doing regardless of if you are around the house or out and about

Bottom Line: You deserve to create comfort and happiness for yourself! 

-Mya L. Adams M.Ed., LAC

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